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Danielle Strader said on Jan 28

Matthew is very professional and ethical. He assessed our water issue and advised us to call a reputable restoration company. Matthew didn't try to address/bill for issues outside of his scope of expertise/responsibility. It takes great virtue and character to defer to someone else things that you aren't trained or feel right in doing . I highly recommend him in your search for a plumber because of his honesty in making good decisions. I will call him if our problem needs more than restoration and is in fact a plumbing issue because I can trust him. Very rare to find these days in the service sector.

Lisa Bagley-Heger said on Aug 2

When we purchased our new house we were given a home warranty as a gift from our realtor. Our kitchen sink clogged and we used the warranty. The sink clogged again 3 times with 3 separate plumbers under the same warranty company. Finally I called Matthew to unclog the sink. He spent 3 times longer than any of the other plumbers and snaked our drain all the way to the mainline. It has been 3 years and our sink has not clogged once! We have recommended him to several of our friends and they have all been very happy with his work. He is thorough, reasonably priced and cares about the work he does. He is a great plumber and a nice guy!

Shawn W said on Apr 3

Scheduled same day, was right on time, and fixed my problem for a very fair price. Very polite and great service. Will be calling again.

Nicole C said on Apr 2

Matthew's Plumbing was recommended to me by a neighbor. After checking out the company on Yelp and saw they had great reviews, I decided to give them a try. Matthew was able to schedule me same day and quoted me when he came out. I decided to do it that do and I was very satisfied with everything. He replaced a few faucets and they look great - he charged very reasonable prices. He was very nice and polite and did excellent work. I will definitely be using him again.

Whitney E said on Jan 31

I just purchased my house in December 2012 and needed some work on some things. I called Matthew's Plumbing because I heard some great reviews from friends and family, and he worked with my home warranty company, so it made everything 100 x's easier. He was very helpful and friendly on the phone and answered all of my questions I had. He showed up to my house exactly when he said he would. He was very personable and friendly, and immediately got to work on the things I needed done. When I got back to my house at the end of the day from work, my house looked exactly how I had it. It didn't even look like there was a plumber there! I loved it! He also contacted me later on that day about a sink I needed replaced, and told me it was out of stock so he ordered it for me. He told me that it was ordered and he would be back at my house once he receives it to install it. Having people work on my house is somewhat stressful because I want everything to go smoothly, so at first I was a littler nervous. Matthew made this whole process so easy and I didn't need to worry once. I will definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a plumber and will always use his company.

S.G.V. said on Oct 29

My yelp review - Matthew's Plumbing is the only plumber I'll ever use. Matthew is the epitome of old-fashioned values and proper business ethics. He is polite, honest, hard-working, and he takes pride in his handiwork. I always feel that he has been truthful with me and has given me fair prices--especially for what you get in return. He delivers quality service every time I've used him and (like those before me have said) he cleans up after himself! I wouldn't even know I had a work done in the house if I hadn't been the one to call the plumber! (Well, that and the fact that my plumbing is fixed!) I've used Matthew's Plumbing a few times now (for different, unrelated issues) and each time has been excellent. I've even referred several family members and friends as well and everyone has had wonderful things to say about him. Use him! You won't be sorry!

Shannon said on Aug 4

Great service and reasonable prices. Hard to find these days!

Michelle B. said on May 4

It is really hard to find a reasonable business that you can trust. I was told by a neighbor to call Matthew's Plumbing when I was having problems with my water heater. I decided to try them out since my neighbor recommended them. I was set up with an appointment for the very next day, I was actually really shocked, I didn't expect that soon of an appointment but because my water was off I was very pleased they were willing to come out so soon. The guy that came out was Matt and he was very nice and very friendly. I had to replace my water heater because it was shot but it was expected. Matt took it out and took care of getting rid of it. He went out and found a new water heater AND put it in, all in the same day, it was great.

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